Distribution Companies:

The company in Syria since its foundation has been working on distribution of food materials from its brands or other brands according to planned marketing policy concentrating on expanding the gradual activity via targeting specific sectors and fulfilling their demands.

Tolido products now distributing (Tea, Tuna, Vegetable ghee, Basmati & non-Basmati rice, canned foods Conserve food, liquids, Legumes etc...)

The Group supplies pharmacies in Syria with green tea

 Supplement to that company, a section was specialized in pharmacies markets; it was distributing shampoo, toothpaste, babies’ food, and personal care tools, of several brands, for more than 1000 pharmacies in the Syrian governorates

Mentioning below the name of the most important companies, Tolido Group was distributing their products before:


  • Henkel (Persil)
  • Transmed
  • Namaa' for Chemicals Detergents (Super Toper)
  • Al Sha'er for Trading and Industry (Al Nawras, Bravo…)
  • Baby Life
  • Louve Tissues
  • Deema Tissues
  • Caston Banna & his Suns Co. for Cosmetics (Hamol, Depilan)
  • Nestle (Nescafe, Milo, Maggi…)
  • Almarai Company
  • Ona for Vegetarian Oils & Ghees
  • Tayba for Vegetarian Oils & Ghees
  • Areej Vegetarian Ghee
  • Al Kher Vegetarian Ghee
  • Sunwhite Rice,
  • Aldurra for Canned Foods
  • Sabbagh Co. (Dollus Ketchup)
  • Katakit (Confectionaries)
  • Haseeb for Food Trading (Koffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate..)
  • Alhamwi Coffee
  • Alhasna Coffee
  • Ma'adanly for Grains.




Distribution Fleet:


Tolido Group owns more than 100 cars and trucks to distribute its products and other company’s products represented by the company in Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq; and each car can serve between 30 – 45 POS/day.

The fleet is expanded constantly according to requirement of increasing spread in the different Areas Tolido Group Serves.